And It All Started…

1.jpgNowadays, in one corner of the internet goes a group of people debating whether or not literature is still a thing today. Poetry, detective stories, fiction, and nonfiction; all of which once lived in the thick pages of a book but now has been barely opened by today’s generation. It is indeed true that the technological advancements have gone beyond our expectations and their limitations. As social media arises and other digital platforms take its peak, the industry of printing is becoming more lifeless as the day progresses. Although the literature is being less appreciated by the generation today, there are still people who advocate and tries reintroducing the beauty of words in papers and the world we can never explore – worlds which we can only discover through the pages of the book.

That is the sole purpose of this website – to bring back the love for the classic literature. Literature is the window to the soul of mankind. To en-captivate once again the hearts of our fellow readers and to bring back the minds in the world of creativity and wonderful imagination. We know that even books and newspaper have gone online nowadays, there arises eBook and various news sites where people would just go and sign up and receive live updates on their smartphones. This website is published in honor to the American legend in literature, Mr. Edgar Allan Poe. We aim to bring back the glory to the greatness of classic literature through Poe’s exceptional writings and the people who continue to live in his great collection of works.

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